About this conference

Solihull Stroke Group playing mahjong

If you’re involved in leading or volunteering at a stroke support group, then the annual Stroke Group Network Conference is for you.

The conference is a chance for everyone from across the Stroke Group Network, to come together as one community; to share experiences, learn from each other and celebrate all you do.

The event this year was held online on Monday 25 – Tuesday 26 September 2023 with over 230 attendees from 115 stroke support groups. Plus, a separate watch party in North Wales with a further 30 attendees.

What was on the programme?

The two-day online event focused on accessibility and inclusion. We shared top tips on how to support members with communication difficulties and the hidden effects of stroke. We also heard updates from the Stroke Association’s Chief Executive, Juliet Bouverie and learned about health inequalities and how to reach diverse stroke communities. 

You can find out more about the programme here:

Videos from the event

If you were not able to join the live event or want to re-watch the talks, you can view the recordings below. You can also view the presentation slides and top tips summaries from the talks by clicking on the purple links below the videos.

Day One:

Welcome and talk one: Reflecting and working together!

Talk 1 slides

Talk two: Understanding what communication difficulties are after a stroke and how support groups can help.

(Including closing comments and celebrating our groups.)

Talk 2 slides

Talk 2 top tips

Day Two:

Morning Energiser:

Talk three: Understanding health inequalities and why this matters to stroke groups.

Talk 3 slides

Talk 3 top tips

Talk four: How support groups can help members to recognise and live well with the hidden effects of stroke.

(Including closing comments and celebrating our groups.)

Talk 4 slides

Talk 4 top tips

Bonus session: Wellbeing for group volunteers

Wellbeing session slides

Wellbeing top tips

Quotes from attendees

Here are some comments made by this year’s attendees:

“Exceeded expectations, event was a great way to connect everyone together and a great platform for volunteers.”

“Buzzing with new ideas to move the group forward.”

“Can I say how much I enjoyed the conference. It was both very well-run and informative.”

“A brilliant way to engage and support our amazing community of groups.”

Contact us

If you have any questions, or you would like to connect with any of our speakers or with anyone who you met at the conference, please contact the events team on 01527 903 930 or email groupconference@stroke.org.uk.