Thriving, not just surviving; every stroke survivor should have the support to live well after their stroke. If you agree that thriving after stroke is important, support our campaign.

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All stroke survivors should have the support in place to thrive after their stroke.

Our 2023 Thriving After Stroke report

There is currently unacceptable unwarranted variation in access to essential life after stroke support. Just 37% of stroke survivors received a six-month review in 2022-23, meaning over 40,000 people missed out. Read about how we can help stroke survivors to thrive.

Marwar and Stroke support coordinator

Life After Stroke (LAS) across the UK

Explore the unmet needs of stroke survivors across the UK in our report, 'Thriving After Stroke.' This eye-opening campaign sheds light on the critical issues surrounding post-stroke support and the urgent need for change.
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Watch our Thriving after stroke video

All stroke survivors should have the support to thrive after their stroke.

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Life after stroke support provides a lifeline to people affected by stroke, improves quality of life for both stroke survivors and carers, and means people can live well beyond stroke.