Our five year International Strategy (2019 - 2024) will ensure that our international engagement is two-way, bringing benefits to people affected by stroke in the UK, as well as to those across the world.

As a leading stroke support organisation (SSO) we will promote the development of other SSOs across the world and contribute to raising the profile of stroke internationally.

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A toolkit for stroke support organisations across the world

We know that stroke shatters lives across the world. But, the treatment and support people receive varies hugely.

We worked with other organisations, such as the World Stroke Organisation (WSO) and the Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE) to write a toolkit for stroke support organisations (SSOs). The toolkit has information and guidance that can help SSOs across the world to start up, develop and grow.

By supporting other SSOs, we can more effectively amplify the voices of those affected by stroke, and help more people rebuild their lives after stroke.

You can find the toolkit here

The toolkit helped us set up our SSO in Nigeria. It gave us tips and ideas on how to start, stakeholders to involve and some critical paths to follow. We still consult the toolkit from time to time to get ideas and ensure our activities/targets are aligned with the guidance provided.

Acha Memorial Foundation, Nigeria

The toolkit helps us to better understand the need and emergence of a stroke supporting organization in our country and to give guides to start and develop this.

Professor Derya Uluduz, Istanbul University, Turkey

Improving the quality of rehabilitation research

Research can help people rebuild their lives after stroke by looking to improve the treatment and support they receive. Stroke rehabilitation research looks at how we can support those affected to have the best quality of life and live independently after stroke. But, so far, research findings have been weak.

This means we still have many questions about what can help those affected by stroke. A group of international research experts in stroke, known as the Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery Roundtable (SRRR) task force was set up to work together to drive improvements in this area of research. They also looked at better ways research findings can be put into practice to change the lives of those affected by stroke.

The group made a number of recommendations to improve the quality of stroke rehabilitation research, and the treatment people receive. We worked with three international funders of stroke research to call for action on the recommendations by others that fund stroke research, as well as the wider research community. We also committed to taking the recommendations forward in our own work.

You can read the article here

Find the SRRR taskforce recommendations here