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Stroke Alliance for Europe 
World Stroke Organization 

Working together is one of our key values and we seek to build successful partnerships with organisations in pursuit of common goals. We strive to develop and extend partnerships in order to improve the quality of life after stroke and enhance stroke prevention. Here is a brief overview of some of our partnerships. 

Stroke Alliance for Europe

We are a member of the Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE), who are various European patient organisations dealing with stroke prevention and care.

SAFE represents a strong patient and carer voice which will call on European Governments to take the lead in making stroke prevention a health priority.

Visit the SAFE website for more information on what they do or find out more about the ground-breaking research projects going on in Europe and how we support them. 

World Stroke Organization

We are a member of the World Stroke Organization (WSO). The WSO was established in October 2006 from the merger of the International Stroke Society and the World Stroke Federation, the two lead organisations representing stroke globally.

The mission of WSO is to provide access to stroke care and to promote research and teaching in this area that will improve the care of stroke victims throughout the world.

Juliet Bouverie, CEO of the Stroke Association, is a member of the WSO board, representing stroke patient organisations.

Sarah Belson, International Development Manager, is the secretary of the Stroke Support Organisation (SSO) Committee of the WSO. The purpose of the committee is to support the strengthening of a global network of SSOs, particularly in low and middle-income countries.

Visit the WSO website for more information. 


We support Change4Life, the government campaign that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle which may help to prevent life-threatening illnesses like stroke, heart disease and some cancers. You can significantly reduce your risk of stroke by making some simple lifestyle changes, such as those recommended by Change4Life.

We are particularly involved with Change4Life’s Walk4Life and Bike4Life activities and promote these messages at some of our key walking and cycling events.

We also support Change4Life by distributing relevant literature and messages to our own supporters wherever relevant.

For more information about the campaign, visit the Change4Life website


A stroke can strike anyone, of any age, at any time and every second counts. We work closely with Public Health England to make sure as many people as possible know the most common signs of stroke and act FAST to get people the treatment they urgently need.

We support Public Health England’s ActFAST campaign to raise awareness of the FAST test by distributing our own leaflets, posters and wallet cards at our awareness raising events as well as sharing this vital test across our digital channels.

Find out more about the FAST test and the work we are doing to spread this important message.