We are the UK’s leading charity dedicated to conquering stroke. We deliver stroke services across the UK, campaign for better stroke care, invest in research and fundraise to expand our reach to as many stroke survivors as possible.

There are over 1.2 million stroke survivors in the UK with 100,000 strokes happening in the UK each year. That’s one stroke every five minutes.

Even though you are now twice as likely to survive a stroke compared to 20 years ago, stroke is still the fourth single largest cause of death in the UK.

We know we need to change how people think about stroke and challenge the myths surrounding it. We push for greater awareness of stroke and its warning signs and campaign for better stroke care.

We believe:

  • strokes can and should be prevented
  • everyone has the right to make the best recovery they can after stroke
  • research has the power to save lives and ensure people make the best recovery they can.

These beliefs drive us forward to change the world for people affected by stroke. Read our 2017 - 2019 strategy, which sets out the priority areas for our work over the next two years.

Our resources, services and information

We provide information, support and advice to help stroke survivors make the best recovery they can. Find out more about our key areas.

Support services

Our support services have helped hundreds of thousands of people get through one of the most frightening experiences of their lives and build a life after stroke.


Our information is based on accurate and up-to-date evidence. We ask stroke survivors and their families, as well as medical experts, to help us when putting our information together. 


Our research has helped to improve treatments and care which has saved thousands of lives.


Through our busy events schedule including Make May Purple, Resolution Run and Step Out for Stroke we have raised millions to help support stroke survivors. 


Our campaigning has touched the lives of even more people through initiatives like the FAST campaign, developed with the Department of Health. This campaign has been a big success, making more people aware of the signs of a stroke and the importance of taking emergency action. 


Our volunteer roles provide opportunities that will make a huge difference to stroke survivors across the UK. We enable volunteers to meet new people, develop their skills and support stroke survivors with their recovery and rehabilitation.