Aphasia Awareness Month 2023 #LetsTalkAphasia - Social media toolkit
Type: Campaigns
Join us on social media during Aphasia Awareness Month 2023 using the hashtag #LetsTalkAphasia to raise awareness of aphasia.
Reconstructing sentence processing in aphasia
Everyday talking involves being able to understand sentences, something that can be affected by aphasia. This research will design and test a new therapy which aims to help improve understanding of everyday sentences in people with aphasia.
Research Participants Needed: Psychosocial and cognitive predictors of long-term outcome of stroke survivors and their carers (In-person, Cambridge Opportunity)
Type: Research
A group of researchers at Anglia Ruskin University are looking for people with aphasia to share their experience in small informal discussions. They want to learn more about language problems in people who had a stroke and suffer from aphasia.
Can a singing group help to improve wellbeing for people with post-stroke aphasia?
Beyond impaired language function, people with aphasia report a range of psychosocial health problems which negatively affect their wellbeing, including reduced confidence and social isolation. These psychosocial problems are not adequately addressed by healthcare services. This study will pilot a new group-based singing intervention for improving the psychosocial health of people with aphasia.
Delivering group support for people with aphasia through Eva Park
About one-third of stroke survivors are left with aphasia. This is a language disorder that disrupts the production and comprehension of speech, as well as reading and writing. This study will investigate whether a support group intervention can be delivered remotely to people with aphasia through a virtual island platform called Eva Park.
Living with aphasia
Type: News
Kelly shares her experiences and tips on living with aphasia.
Tom's aphasia story
Tom, an Edinburgh stroke survivor with aphasia, has spoken out about the impact of the life-changing speech and language disorder.
Adjustment post-stroke and aphasia: supporting well-being through peer befriending
This project aims to find out if peer support can avert some of the adverse psychological consequences of aphasia.
Increasing accessibility for people with aphasia
Over one-third of stroke survivors have aphasia, a language and communication disorder.
Aphasia Awareness Month 2023
Type: Campaigns
Aphasia Awareness Month 2023 takes place in June. Discover ways to get involved, and join us in raising awareness of aphasia and its effects.