Equipment for independent living
Find information on the types of equipment and technology you can use to help with daily life after a stroke.
Personal Alarms from Careline365
Type: Support
For stroke survivors and those at risk of stroke, a personal alarm can be an important piece of life-saving equipment. The Careline365 Alarm service helps thousands of elderly and disabled people in the UK to continue living independently at home.
Occupational therapy
Type: Support
Learn more about the role of occupational therapy in your recovery and rehabilitation after a stroke, as well as the process and how to access it.
Accommodation after stroke
Type: Support
On this page you can find practical advice and information on choosing the right accommodation after stroke including, making adjustments to your home
Help with the cost of home adaptations
Find out about the financial support available to help you make your home safer and more accessible after a stroke.
Physiotherapy after a stroke
Physiotherapy can help you get back as much movement as possible after a stroke. It can help you re-learn to use your arms and hands, and regain movement and strength in your legs to improve movement and balance.
Equipment for independent living and mobility
Exclusion of liability
This page discusses the exclusion of liability for use of this site.
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Caring for a stroke survivor
Type: Support
Stroke Association trainer Doug Youngson answers some frequently asked questions about caring for stroke survivor.
Balance problems after stroke
Find out how stroke can affect your balance, what can help, and how to look after yourself if your balance has been affected by stroke.