The benefits of walking football
Walking football is among the fast-growing sports in the UK. This slower-paced, low-impact version of soccer is opening up the game to all ages and abilities, and is ideal for stroke survivors looking to get more active and meet new people.
Fasting after a stroke
You may wish to fast for personal or religious reasons. Is it safe to fast after a stroke?
World Stroke Day: Pass FAST on
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The FAST (Face Arms Speech Time to call 999) test helps you to recognise the most common signs of a stroke and reminds you what to do when stroke strikes.
Share the FAST message
Information on Public Health England's Act FAST campaign. Could you recognise the signs of stroke?
Stroke signs and symptoms
The FAST test helps you understand the signs of stroke. If you or someone you know shows any of these signs, call 999.
What does coronavirus mean for stroke care and treatment? A look at the current evidence
Type: Research
There is evidence that during the coronavirus pandemic fewer people have been recorded to have transient ischaemic attack (TIA) or stroke. That’s why the Stroke Association is urging people to continue to act fast and call 999 if they experience signs of stroke.
Recognising stroke as a medical emergency
Type: Research
The Stroke Association has funded research to improve how we spot the symptoms of stroke and the people most at risk so we can get them the best treatment in the critical minutes and hours that follow.
Stroke prevention
We have compiled the state of atrial fibrillation care for each CCG in England. How is AF care in your CCG?
Who we work with
We strive to develop and extend partnerships in order to improve the quality of life after stroke and enhance stroke prevention.
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Melvin's story
A Guisborough stroke survivor has told how his life plans have been put on hold due to having a stroke at such a young age.