Atrial Fibrillation: information and resources
Information about atrial fibrillation for healthcare and other professionals. We have a number of resources available including guides and factsheets.
Setting the agenda for stroke research
Our Stroke Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) aimed to identify the research areas that matter most to stroke survivors, carers and professionals.
The Steering Group and partners
Type: Research
The Stroke Priority Setting Partnership is being guided by a Steering Group. Members include people affected by stroke, health and social care professionals, and those in supporting roles. Where two people are named for one organisation, they are sharing one place.
Stroke recoveries at risk - sharing lived experiences at the UK Stroke Forum 2020
During the pandemic, the Stroke Association carried out a ‘Stroke recoveries at risk’ report, discovering how COVID-19 had impacted and affected stroke survivors’ lives and their recoveries. The findings of the report were shared at The UK Stroke Forum 2020 with over 1,600 stroke professionals.
Key messages from the UK Stroke Assembly on psychological support
Delegates at the 2018 UK Stroke Assembly events in Manchester and Essex told us the key messages they want stroke professionals to be aware of.
Improving technology that can measure movement for use in stroke rehabilitation
This research can improve a camera-based computer programme so it can be used by health care professionals and stroke survivors to help in physical rehabilitation.
Northern Ireland Stroke Conference
Northern Ireland Stroke Conference is the largest multidisciplinary meeting of the year for stroke professionals in Northern Ireland.
Sharing the key messages from the UK Stroke Assembly on getting back to work after stroke
Delegates at the 2019 UK Stroke Assembly events in Northern Ireland and East Midlands told us the key messages they want stroke professionals to be aware of.
About UK Stroke Forum
UK Stroke Forum is the UK's largest multidisciplinary conference for stroke care professionals and consists of a coalition of over 30 organisations all committed to improving stroke care in the UK.
Communication after childhood stroke
Communication difficulties are common in children and young people following a stroke. There are things you, and the professionals working with your child, can do to help.