Our policies on prevention
Our policy positions on prevention set out where we stand on big issues around prevention of stroke.
Stroke prevention
We have compiled the state of atrial fibrillation care for each CCG in England. How is AF care in your CCG?
High blood pressure
High blood pressure is one of the biggest stroke risk factors. It strains all the blood vessels in your body, including ones leading to your brain.
Our current partners
The Stroke Association works with all stakeholders who have an interest in stroke, including the pharmaceutical industry, to rebuild lives after stroke.
Eat a healthy diet
Even making small changes to your eating habits can make a difference to your overall health, particularly if you have been told that you are at risk of having a stroke or TIA.
Haemorrhagic stroke
A haemorrhagic stroke is due to bleeding in or around the brain. While less common than strokes that are caused by a blockage, they can be much more serious.
Can leg blood pressure measurements predict arm blood pressure to help prevent stroke?
This project will use data that has been collected through previous research studies to investigate the relationship between blood pressure measured in the arm and leg, and the risk of stroke.