UK Stroke Assembly

What is the UK Stroke Assembly?

The UK Stroke Assembly is an event that gives those affected by stroke a voice to talk about the issues that matter to them. If you are a stroke survivor, carer or family member this event is your opportunity to:

  • share experiences with like minded people 
  • talk to and influence those working in the field of stroke    
  • hear about developments in stroke care and research
  • find out about stroke charities and other support services
  • have your say
  • take action on stroke.

The UK Stroke Assembly is hosted by the Stroke Association and organised in partnership with other national stroke organisations and stroke survivor representatives from across the UK. 

Watch the is short film to find out more more.

"Meeting so many stroke survivors in one place was a great reassurance. It's really nice to know you're doing great and you're not alone."

Who is it for?

The UK Stroke Assembly is aimed at anyone affected by stroke. It's an interactive event, tailored towards the needs of stroke survivors and carers. The programme is shaped around the things that matter to you. There are opportunities to meet people with similar experiences to you and engage with decision makers working in the field of stroke, to influence future campaigns and take action on stroke.

Watch this short film to find out what others affected by stroke have gain by attending this event.

When is the next Stroke Assembly?

We are currently planning our 2017 events. Further information will be available in January 2017. You can register your interest by emailing or call 01527 903 917.

Key messages from the 2016 events

In 2016 the aim of the UK Stroke Assembly was to reach out to more people living with stroke and aphasia. This was achieved by running more Assembly events.

For the first time we ran our first event in Scotland as a one day event sharing highlights from 2015's event. Two further national UK events were held in Nottingham (UKSA North) and Swindon (UKSA South), with the same programme content.

Through running more events we were able to give a greater voice to those affected by stroke and connect with a wider audience who had never attended a UKSA event before. Take a look at the key messages that came out of the UK Stroke Assembly North and South events.

If you would like a copy of any of the presentations please email or call 01527 903 917.   

Would you like to help inform the policy and campaigning work of the Stroke Association?

The Policy and Influencing Team at the Stroke Association are setting up a reference group and are looking for up to 15 individuals to join them and help inform their policy and influencing work.

The role is to provide feedback on the policy and campaigning work the Stroke Association does and to gather feedback from other stroke survivors. The opportunity is open to anyone across the UK. We are keen to ensure that this group represents different groups and communities and particularly welcome applications from:

  •  stroke survivors under 40
  • stroke survivors with aphasia
  • BME communities
  • LGBT community.

These roles are UK wide and more information can be found online. The deadline for submitting a nomination form is Monday 1 January 2017.   

Find out more

The UK Stroke Assembly website is no longer available. We are currently working on further updates and information about these events will be added here soon. If you have any questions please contact us on 01527 903917 or