Read about some of the remarkable people we've supported in their recovery following a stroke. If you have been affected by stroke and need our help, call our Helpline on 0303 3033 100. 

Simone Gomes

Simone has a congenital heart defect which caused her to have a stroke when she was just 19. “It was a frightening time, but thankfully I have really supportive family and friends. It’s with huge thanks to the charity that I’m the person I am today. I won’t let my stroke define me, and with the help of people around me, I know that together we will conquer stroke.”

Glen Malcolm

Glen was 47 when a stroke left him with communication difficulties. Determined to recover quickly for the sake of his young family, he joined his local Stroke Association conversation group.

“The support group helped me relate to others who have communication problems after stroke, and come to terms with life as a stroke survivor.”

Karen Craven

Karen was 58 when she had a stroke but thanks to stroke research she was able to receive a pioneering clot-removal procedure called thrombectomy. “100% blood flow was restored within minutes. By the time I returned to the ward I could already move my arm and leg like normal. I’m so grateful for the incredible procedure I was able to have. I am a walking miracle.”

Curtis Edwards

Curtis Edwards had a stroke caused by a blood clot resulting from high blood pressure when he was 37. With the support of his Stroke Association Coordinator, he is starting to regain movement in his arm. “I encourage everyone to monitor their blood pressure and have regular checks.” 

Natalie Tickett

Natalie Trickett, 32 from Garstang, took part in our 10km Resolution Run at Stanley Park in Blackpool, to mark four years since a life-changing stroke. “I was supported by the Stroke Association when I first had my stroke and now I want to give something back to help other stroke survivors whether I run, jog, walk, or even crawl over the finish line.”