University of Nottingham
Scientific title
Prevention Of Decline in Cognition After Stroke Trial (PODCAST): a factorial randomised controlled trial of blood pressure and lipid lowering
Principal Investigator
Professor Philip Bath
Year awarded
Grant value
Research ID
TSA 2008/09 (collaboratively funded with Alzheimer's Society)
Research area
Start date
Wednesday 1 September 2010
End date
Saturday 31 January 2015
53 months

Following stroke 15-30% of people will develop impaired cognition and dementia. There are currently no large scale trials aiming to prevent cognitive decline and dementia after stroke, however, it is thought that high blood pressure and possibly high cholesterol are risk factors for cognitive decline. Following stroke, standard treatment involves the moderate lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol. However, little is known about the effect of intensive blood pressure and cholesterol lowering on cognition and dementia after stroke.

This study will recruit 600 participants from all over the UK to compare intensive lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol with the standard moderate intervention as a way of preventing cognitive decline and dementia. The results of this study will inform the design and methods of a future large scale trial.