Our research Round-table meetings

Our round-table meetings aim to share knowledge arising from our funded research, and create debate about the implications for health and social care policy and practice. They bring together researchers with stroke survivors, commissioners, clinicians, policy makers and other funders.

Reports from some of our most recent round-tables can be found below:

Discussing the Real Impact of TIA - a report on our research round-table meeting

Discussing Vascular Dementia & Stroke - a report on our research round-table meeting

Our Priority Setting Workshops

As part of our new strategy we have launched a number of new funding streams. One of these funding streams is our new ‘Priority Programme Awards’ which are aimed at addressing gaps in research. 

We have held a number of workshops so far that have helped us to shape our priorities in a number of areas. To find out more, visit the 'Get involved in Research' section of our website.

An overview of each of our past Priority Setting Workshops can be found below:

Haemorrhagic Stroke Priority Setting Workshop

Psychological Consequences of Stroke Priority Setting Workshop

Vascular Dementia Priority Setting Workshop


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