King's College London
Scientific title
Developing and evaluating functional recovery curves as a management tool after stroke: Phase 1 and 2 MRC Framework study
Principal Investigator
Professor Tony Rudd
Year awarded
Grant value
Research ID
TSA 2009/02
Research area
Start date
Tuesday 1 February 2011
End date
Tuesday 15 October 2013
2 years 8 months

‘Recovery curves’ are graphs which show the average patterns of recovery after stroke over one year. They vary according to age and stroke severity but they do give a clear idea of the level of recovery someone with stroke should expect to achieve. This study will test whether these curves can be used by doctors and other health professionals to help patients if their recovery is worse than predicted.

This work builds on two earlier studies carried out by the research group which found that recovery varied between patients and was linked both to individual patient characteristics and to the treatments they received.

Specifically, this study will:

  • develop software to allow health professionals to obtain patient-specific predictions of functional recovery
  • evaluate the use of recovery curves in a clinical setting
  • identify how recovery is affected by other illnesses or complications
  • explore the reasons for patients falling below their predicted curves and develop action plans for these patients and monitor outcomes.

Finally, this study will inform the design of a phase III trial on improving functional recovery using the recovery curves and its software as a management tool.