University of Glasgow
Principal Investigator
Professor Peter Langhorne
Year awarded
Grant value
Research ID
TSA 2009/09
Research area
Start date
Sunday 1 August 2010
End date
Tuesday 31 December 2013
3 years 5 months

This research is testing whether starting ‘active’ rehabilitation in hospital within 24 hours of stroke will lead to better recovery after stroke than traditional methods. Specifically, the researchers are testing whether starting out-of-bed activities as early as possible after stroke and continuing for the first two weeks will reduce the number of people who die or have ongoing disabilities. The researchers will also look at whether early rehabilitation reduces the number of medical complications (such as chest infections, bed sores and falls), and whether quality of life improves at 12 months after stroke. Finally, this study will examine whether this method is cost-effective compared to current practice. If early rehabilitation proves to be effective, this could be incorporated into hospital practice and could have major benefits for stroke survivors.