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You are not allowed to drive for a month after a stroke or transient ischaemic attack (TIA). Some people have to stop driving for longer, or will not be able to drive again. This guide helps you understand what to do if you are a driver, including when to tell the DVLA (DVA in Northern Ireland).

Topics include:

  • Can I drive after a stroke?
  • Can I drive after a TIA?
  • How to tell the DVLA/DVA about a stroke.
  • Driving a car, motorbike or lorry after a stroke.
  • Driving and seizures after stroke.
  • Driving and work after a stroke.
  • Starting to drive again.
  • Emotional impact of not driving.
  • Disabled person's railcard, Motability, Blue Badge scheme and other ways to get around without a car.
  • How to report someone who is driving when unsafe.

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Publication date
December 2021
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September 2022