My Stroke Guide is a digital self-management tool to support people in their recovery following a stroke. The guide was designed with stroke survivors and carers to ensure their needs are at the heart of what it does.

My Stroke Guide’s key features

  • A library providing approved advice, information and videos on the various issues people can face after stroke.
  • A personalised goal-setting and performance tracking tool which reflects the individual's progress throughout their steps to recovery.
  • Peer-to-peer support, including an active social forum and local area support finder.
  • A personal calendar to track appointments and record private diary entries.
  • Most importantly, My Stroke Guide is available online to users 24 hours a day. 
Someone with a long-term condition spends on average three hours each year in contact with a healthcare professional and 8,757 hours looking after themselves.

Benefits for stroke survivors

We have created My Stroke Guide to help make sure that stroke survivors are never alone in their recovery.

My Stroke Guide provides the practical tools to help people understand stroke and deal with its effects, alongside peer support to combat isolation.

My Stroke Guide is accessible on all devices.

Benefits for commissioners

My Stroke Guide helps stroke survivors after a stroke by giving them the knowledge, skills and confidence to actively manage their rehabilitation.

My Stroke Guide has also been designed to capture user data and information which gives service providers and commissioning bodies valuable information about the care and services they provide.

We foresee that My Stroke Guide will reduce numbers of GP visits for stroke survivors and contribute to the prevention of secondary strokes.

How do people access My Stroke Guide?

My Stroke Guide is currently only available to people who live in an area where there is a Stroke Association service supported by the Local Health Board or authority, and/or the NHS via a contract as the tool has been designed to be accessed with the support of a Stroke Association coordinator.

Find out more

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The Stroke Association would like to thank Nominet Trust for their generous grant enabling us to develop the content for the My Stroke Guide self-management tool.