Physical effects of stroke
Information about the physical effects of stroke, such as swallowing difficulties, continence problems, pain and headaches.
Headaches after stroke
Find out why you may have headaches after a stroke and how they can be treated.
Can cannabis-based products like CBD oil help after stroke?
In recent years, legal cannabis-based products containing cannabidiol (CBD), have become more available. Could these help stroke survivors to cope with problematic effects of stroke?
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Getting back on track
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Steve is using his passion for motor racing to raise money and awareness.
Pain after stroke
Around 30% of survivors experience pain after stroke. Post-stroke pain includes muscle and joint pain such as spasticity and shoulder pain. Learn about the causes and treatments.
Haemorrhagic stroke
A haemorrhagic stroke is due to bleeding in or around the brain. While less common than strokes that are caused by a blockage, they can be much more serious.
Erin's hope
Erin's story
Back on track
Marc Hodes, 53 from Nottingham, was busy with family life, a successful career as an IT director and coaching at his local football club when he had a stroke.