Pain after stroke
Around 30% of survivors experience pain after stroke. Post-stroke pain includes muscle and joint pain such as spasticity and shoulder pain. Learn about the causes and treatments.
Physical effects of stroke
Information about the physical effects of stroke, such as swallowing difficulties, continence problems, pain and headaches.
Mobility and dexterity after childhood stroke
Stroke can affect a child’s mobility, coordination and dexterity. For some children the effects can last a long time, and they may affect development in younger children.
Sex and relationships
A stroke won’t just affect you, but everyone around you too. It can put a strain on your relationships and can also affect your sex life. But there are things you can do to help you cope with the impact.
Physiotherapy after a stroke
Physiotherapy can help you get back as much movement as possible after a stroke. It can help you re-learn to use your arms and hands, and regain movement and strength in your legs to improve movement and balance.
Fatigue after childhood stroke
With support and understanding, a child can learn ways to manage their fatigue after childhood stroke to lead an active life.
Can cannabis-based products like CBD oil help after stroke?
In recent years, legal cannabis-based products containing cannabidiol (CBD), have become more available. Could these help stroke survivors to cope with problematic effects of stroke?
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