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Our publications provide accurate and accessible health information for stroke survivors, carers, friends and family.
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After a stroke, you need accurate and trustworthy information to help you understand what has happened, and to support you in making informed choices for your future.
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Take a look at the many ways your company can partner with us. These relationships ensure that we’re working towards a shared purpose and vision.
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The Stroke Association is proud to fund key research to answer questions of the utmost importance to the stroke community.
Information in other languages
This page contains information about stroke that we have published in a range of other languages, with a variety of formats available.
Where to find information on the “hidden effects” of stroke
Stroke Association writer Deborah Fajerman introduces our literature on the “hidden effects” of stroke.
Does variability of brain blood flow increase stroke risk in stroke survivors and after TIA?
This research is focused on assessing the relationship between the variability of the blood flow through the blood vessels supplying the brain, and the risk of stroke in patients who have already had a stroke or “mini-stroke” (TIA) in the past.
Communication problems
This page explains why many people have communication problems after a stroke, what kinds of problems they may have and how speech and language therapy can help.