Our Commissioned services Quality Account 2021-22 is now live
We’ve produced our first ever report focussing on the quality of our support services funded by the NHS and our commitment to continue to improve.
Measuring and exploring the impact on vision-related quality of life for stroke survivors with post-stroke visual problems
This research will test a new questionnaire which has been designed to measure the impact that stroke-related vision problems have on a stroke survivor’s quality of life.
Pre-Loved Sustainable Second Hand Clothes with Preworn Ltd
Type: Support
With the cost of living at the forefront of our minds, Preworn Ltd is a clothing retailer that specialises in quality pre-loved second hand clothes.
Research Participants Needed: Emotional functioning after acquired brain injury
Type: Research
Researchers are investigating how emotional health is affected by brain injury and how this impacts relationships, quality of life and participation in the community.
Testing an alternative to thickened liquids for stroke survivors with dysphagia
Dr Sabrina Eltringham is trialling an alternative to thickened liquids that could help stroke survivors rehabilitate their swallow and improve their quality of life.
Working together to shape stroke research
Type: Research
We want the research we fund to make a difference in people’s lives. That’s why we think it’s important for researchers to involve stroke survivors in their projects. Stroke survivors’ experiences can improve the quality of research, and help researchers to be more confident that their work will benefit people affected by stroke.
Who we work with
We strive to develop and extend partnerships in order to improve the quality of life after stroke and enhance stroke prevention.
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National Clinical Guideline for Stroke
Read the National Clinical Guideline for Stroke, which provides guidance to improve the quality of care delivered to every adult who has a stroke in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Quality and performance
Find out the results of our impact and satisfaction survey and how we're performing against Information Governance policies and standards. You can also read about our achievements in research and how we monitor the performance of our helpline against our service standards.
Organisational policies
Our organisational policies provide us with a framework to ensure that we behave and make decisions in an ethical and socially responsible manner.